Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I get my cards?
Our shipping partner is based in Texas and ships on a two-day rolling basis during the business week. Once your order has shipped, it should arrive in 4-5 business days. (We know that this is not as fast as Amazon can ship, but we are still a small family business and not - yet - a multi-billion-dollar juggernaut.) You should receive an email from us if you have not already with tracking information. If you don't see this email, you may want to double-check your "spam" folder to see if it was accidentally sent there. If you still can't find it, just reply to this email, and we'll happily send you your tracking information. 

What is your Returns and Refund Policy?
Please see this page on our website for complete information about our return and refund policy. The short version is that you have 30 days to request a return or refund.

Why isn't Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the deck?
As a matter of fact, we included her in our original deck featured on Kickstarter. Unfortunately, her representatives - and those of a few other women - requested she be removed. Because our top priority was honoring these women, we wanted to respect their wishes and we adjusted our lineups. 

Where can I learn more about the women featured in the cards?
We are so glad you asked. We have an entire section of our website featuring more information about all of the women and girls featured in our decks. The rank or number each card has corresponds to a fact from her biography. For example, Shirley Chisholm is the King in The Woman Cards — and she got her start in politics representing King's County in the New York State Assembly. 

Where are these cards made?
We are very proud that our cards are drawn in Iowa and manufactured in Texas. We believe it is important for a project that was originally designed to honor and celebrate the contributions of American women to be brought to life in the United States. Although we have expanded to honor women from around the world, we are planning to continue to keep our cards Made in America.

Are your products available for wholesale purchasers?
Yes! If you own a retail outlet and are interested in carrying The Woman Cards, please send us an email at info@thewomancards.com to learn more.

Do you have plans for more products in the future?
We are working on figuring out what that will look like! Both Girl Power and Tech Deck were both ideas we workshopped with our supporters. Our set of postcards — The Woman [Post] Cards — also started as a suggestion from supporters like you. We greatly appreciate the ideas and will stay in touch with you through our ideation process!