Thank You

Dear Backer- 

Thank you. Last night at midnight, The Woman Card[s] was successfully backed on Kickstarter with over $150,000 pledged to bring this project to life. 3,918 backers ordered 7,709 decks and 555 prints. (And 2,272 signed thank you notes!) We had a glass of scotch to celebrate and then got right back to work on actually making this happen. 

First and foremost, keep your eye out for our survey, which will be released in about two weeks. We will be using a platform called BackerKit to collect your shipping information. You'll also be able to add-on extra decks or prints if you would like and to select which print(s) you would like. (NOTE: At the moment, we are planning for all prints to appear in Hearts.) We will be sending another update out as soon as we've released our BackerKit survey. 

In the meantime, Zebby is finalizing the art. Our tuck box (the box the deck comes in) and fourteen of the fifteen portraits have been completed. We'll be getting our art to our manufacturer later this week and working with them to finalize our art proofs. Once the proofs have been finalized, we'll be looking at about three to four weeks for printing, and then another week or two for shipping. American backers are on schedule to receive their decks and prints in mid to late-July. International orders will likely receive their decks and prints in August. 

Zach is working on all the logistics. Later in June, he'll be launching our online store, which will live at On that store, you'll be able to order prints, order more decks, and learn more about the women featured in our deck. 

This journey has truly been unlike anything we could have possibly imagined. We are enormously grateful for your support and we are beyond excited to get you your decks and prints as quickly as we can while making sure that the quality it as high as it can be.

Yours in gratitude,

Zebby and Zach 

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