UPDATE: Surveys + Cards

Dear Backers-

Very exciting news from The Woman Card[s]. We have sent out our surveys via BackerKit! 

If you haven't yet received your survey, please do so here: 


All you need is the email address you used for your Kickstarter pledge. You'll be able to add decks or prints if you'd like. You'll also be able to add an uncut sheet of cards, which we haven't offered until tonight! We're only making 250 of them, and we expect they'll go fast. 

The other big news is that our very first prototype has arrived! 


We're really, really excited. Tears may have been shed. We're going to be making a few tweaks—including lightening a few of the cards, and resizing the images just a touch so they're positioned a little better—but we're nearly there! Once the proofs have been finalized, we'll be moving forward with printing and then with shipping. In order for us to deliver your cards, we need your shipping information, so please make sure to fill out the survey!  

As always--thank you so, so much for your support. We're so excited to be working with you to bring this project to life. 


Zebby & Zach

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REMINDER: Fill Out Your Survey!